Partials can be comprised of a single tooth or many teeth. They may cover the entire palate or tissue like a denture, or fill just the space between two teeth. Some partials are made from acrylic, and may have wire clasps to help them stay in the mouth. Other partials are made entirely of metal alloys, and are critical for stabilizing the remaining teeth in the mouth. Sometimes, a patient wants a partial just to help them look their best. Other times, a partial can play a critical role in aiding the person in eating and protecting/preserving remaining teeth.



Dentures help aid in eating, as well as maintaining a youthful look by replacing the natural function of teeth. They do this by filling out the cheeks and keeping the upper and lower jaws the proper distance apart. Dentures can be a copy of the patient's already existing older dentures, or they can be changed if the patient isn't happy with their current dentures. Although dentures are never a replacement for natural teeth, they can restore some of the chewing function the patient has lost, and give the patient a confident smile again.


Implant Dentures

Dentures that are attached to implants can dramatically increase your ability to chew. We have extensive experience with the most advanced techniques available today, ensuring your dentures will attach seamlessly and comfortably to your implants. We would be happy to refer you to an oral surgeon if you do not already have someone in mind.


Immediate Denture 

When a patient decides with their dentist that it is time to extract their remaining teeth, they are fitted with an immediate denture after surgery. This denture is meant to be temporary, but is often not replaced for different reasons. After the mouth completely heals, all immediate dentures must be fitted again so they fit properly. This is called a reline.



Dentures that are loose-fitting must be fitted properly in order to restore function, as well as a comfortable fit.



Broken dentures/partials can often be repaired so they fully function for the patient. It is important to understand why damage has occurred in order to repair them properly. Sometimes, dentures/partials must be replaced, but we always endeavor to do what is most comfortable and preferred by the patient.


Night guards 

Many people clench their jaws and/or grind their teeth together at night while they sleep. This can lead to debilitating headaches, cramping, and pain in the head and jaw. A custom night guard is designed to fit your bite comfortably, and will prevent damage to your teeth from grinding. It also functions by preventing the clenching of teeth that causes cramping and headaches. We offer different types of night guards, depending on your needs and preferences.